Accounting that’s invested in your business

Taking an all-in approach to accounting and business advice. At Vested, we invest ourselves in our clients’ businesses, lives, and success.

We’re not just your traditional accountants – discover what makes Vested different.

Ready for a financial shoulder to lean on?

We put people back in the numbers.

Whether you’re just starting out or are turning over $50 million a year, numbers are always going to drive your business. However understanding those numbers and knowing what to do with them can be tricky – especially without someone who knows you by your side.

At Vested, we invest ourselves in our clients’ businesses, lives, and success. By putting in the time and energy to get to know you, we’ll make sure that when you make decisions to grow your business, they’re backed up financially.

Real experience

From running our own businesses, to in-house accounting, to working for the big four – we’ve done it all.

People focused

Too many accountants are just about the numbers. We focus on getting to know our clients as people first.

What we offer

Business advice

Helping you make decisions backed by your financials, we’re your trusted advisor, shoulder to lean on, and numbers expert all in one. Totally invested in your success, we’ll be right there when you need us.

Financial statements

Helping you develop and maintain up-to-date, accurate financial statements for a snapshot of the financial health of your business – empowering you to make better decisions and run your business more efficiently.


Making tax planning (and paying!) stress-free by ensuring you’re structuring your business in the most cost-effective way and are always prepared for your tax bill. Let us take the hard work out of taxation.